CAA France Board Members


Jean-Pierre Reichenbach, BUS '70   President
Sophie Dorrer, BUS '14 Vice-President
Severine Martin-Hartenstein, GSAS '09 Secretary General
Anne Nouviaire, SIPA '11 Treasurer
Constance Dedieu-Grasset, GS '92 Board Member
Flavie Durand-Ruel, CC '93 Board Member
Barbara Kiskovski, SEAS '11 Board Member
Christophe Knox, CC '95 Board Member
Aurélie Morla, SEAS'09 Board Member
Max Riché, SEAS '05 Board Member
Victor Wong, GSAPP '91 Board Member
Amanda Wetzel, LAW '08 Board Member











Contact us at cucfboard@googlegroups.com.

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